Liver Transplant in Children: The Right Time & How to Prepare

A liver transplant is a procedure where an existing damaged liver is replaced by a functional liver of a previous donor. The procedure involves intensive operation, and even children might require a new liver in some cases to survive. A liver transplant is the last resort that is required for a person to survive. Doctors recommend a liver transplant when all other ways of medication and treatments fail.

That being said, all those children recommended with such treatments are monitored comprehensively to ensure all pre-surgery processes are intact. Experts from a top liver transplant hospital explain the step-by-step procedure to make your child ready for a liver transplant.

Procedures Before The Transplant

An operation of this magnitude is conducted with the help of a team of medical professionals, who will ensure to see the parents, instill faith in them and ensure the procedure turns out successful. The teams include:

  • Specialist doctors
  • Surgeons
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Transplant coordinators
  • Dieticians
  • Psychologists
  • Child specialists
  • Nurses and medical officers

Each of these individuals or more would take great care in proceeding with such a crucial operation. The doctors would assess the health condition of the child with a series of tests and ensure the child is healthy and fit for surgery. Some of these tests include:

  • Blood Tests
  • USG and CT scans
  • Biopsy for cancer detection

With the help of these tests, it would be a lot easier to detect the condition of the liver and evaluate the time required for operation. Renowned surgeons performing liver transplants in Chennai ensure to prepare for even post-surgery symptoms beforehand. 

Sometimes it takes time to find a relevant liver donor. This is because the type of liver required should match the patient’s liver. Most of the hospitals would keep a list of donors available and inform if they find a matching liver for the patient.

What Happens During The Transplant Process

As soon as the child is ready for the transplant process, here is what happens:

  • An anesthesiologist would sedate the child, and once the child is in deep sleep, a tube is inserted into the lungs to ensure breathing is fine. The heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels are always checked while the operation is on course.
  • It would take over 10-12 hours for the procedure to complete with a team of surgeons and doctors. 
  • The damaged liver is carefully removed and the new liver is placed carefully. This is done with precision and ensures all the cells and nerves are stitched properly.
  • Renowned liver transplant hospitals ensure that the new liver condition is checked multiple times and the flow of blood would also be assessed.
  • The stitching process takes time and surgical staples and stitches are used carefully.

Protocols Followed After a Liver Transplant Surgery

As soon as the surgery is done, the child is transferred to an ICU and close monitoring is observed. The time taken in ICU would vary based on the child’s health improvements. 

There is a possibility of rejection, which is quite a common symptom that shows the new liver is not adapting well to the child. In this case, the child would need to have anti-rejection tablets for the rest of their life. 
In the end, a child with a successful liver transplant can lead a life as any individual for the rest of their lives and just need to ensure frequent treatment is administered. CLF ensures that liver transplant costs in Chennai are among the most affordable ones.

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