Liver disease awareness

With the support of our volunteers, donors, regional and national staff, the Chennai Liver Foundation will be involved in the following.

  • Promote liver health and raise awareness to understand liver disease
  • Raise funds for research
  • Provide support to patients and their families
  • Advocate for improved standards for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of liver disease.
  • Support patients who are in need of a Liver Transplant surgery
  • Promote Organ donation
  • Patient Education

For liver disease patients, their families, and the public, the Chennai Liver Foundation provides access to knowledge that can help shed light on what is often a bewildering and frightening illness. Through our education and prevention programs, as well as our support initiatives, we endeavor to dispel misconceptions, alert everyone to the risks, share the latest research and treatment information, and most importantly, provide hope to those living with liver disease.

The Foundation has developed comprehensive educational materials covering signs, symptoms, and treatments of liver disease, as well as wellness and prevention advice which can be downloaded here. We also hold public seminars and participate in health fairs, workplace, school, and community presentations.
You can contact us at 91-95001 76660 or email us at

Pictorial Representation of Human Internal Organs

Organ Donation

Liver Transplants are one of the most miraculous achievements of modern medicine. But this entirely depends on the generosity of brain-dead donors and their families who are willing to make this life-saving gift to others. One donor can give life to several people.

There is a critical shortage of organs and the gap between the number of organs donated and the number requiring a transplant is increasing. Chennai Liver Foundation is committed to decreasing this gap by increasing awareness about organ donation and clearing all the myths associated with this. We intend to do this by direct campaigning, through various media and other hands-on activities.

Please contact us to know more about organ donation


As a national charity, the Chennai Liver Foundation depends upon the generosity of individuals, as well as corporate sponsors and to fund our research and educational programs. These are the people that make it possible to unlock the doors leading to prevention strategies, treatments, and – we hope – cures. Donations, bequests, sponsorships and grants, all help to put the keys in the hands of those who can take us across new thresholds. To find out how you can support the CLF, please visit our Donate Now section.

People gathering in order to contribute to our fundraising efforts
A large group of schoolgirls who will benefit from our charitable efforts


Individuals can donate to the charity directly and be assured that the money would be spent either in helping patients or promoting awareness or in the prevention of liver diseases. All donations are exempted from Income Tax.


Across the country, CLF chapters hold a variety of fundraising events that give the community an opportunity to contribute to the work of the Foundation while having lots of fun. If you want to be a part of it please contact us.

A collage of various events conducted by CLF and information detailing India's first liver transplant
A group of our international partners sitting in a conference room


Corporates – especially those with large employee populations – cannot escape the impact of liver disease. Lost productivity, absenteeism and increased benefit costs, are just some of the consequences when employees or their family members are diagnosed with liver disease. The Chennai Liver Foundation provides an opportunity for organizations to take an active role in promoting prevention or searching for cures and Liver treatments. By stepping up to sponsor a major research grant, for instance, a company not only demonstrates how it puts a high priority on employee health but also shows its commitment to giving back to the community by providing hope for the future.

A corporate donation is a simple and efficient way to demonstrate your corporate support and to show leadership to your clients, shareholders, staff and community. You will also benefit by reducing your corporate tax burden as we will provide you with a tax receipt for your philanthropic gift.