Debunking Myths Surrounding Liver Cleanse

The internet is filled with myths and theories that are often misleading to the common mass. 

Especially, when it concerns crucial internal organ topics like kidneys and liver. There are theories claiming different cleanse methods that keep the liver safe and functional without any notable problems. In reality, these are not related to liver health, and these myths are potentially misleading. 

These theories claim using different dietary supplements that cleanse the liver and ensure no toxins will affect liver functions. In reality, it is far from the truth, and these supplements aren’t responsible for the cleansing effect.

Debunking the myths

Dr. Vivek- a Liver Transplant surgeon has debunked these myths one by one. Check these out:

Myth #1: Liver detox is the easiest way to lose weight

Scientific studies have claimed the fact that weight loss with a cleansing diet is not true. Scientists have stressed weight loss due to water loss from the body with these diets. The catch here is once you stop these cleansing diets and shift to your regular diet, you restore your normal body weight sooner than later. In the end, these diets may affect your gut and invite more health issues in the longer run.

Myth #2: The liver must be regularly detoxed 

Did you know that the liver has regeneration ability and is a natural detoxing unit? Yes, the liver is responsible for breaking down foods and chemicals that enter our gut and are processed out to different organs. Intestines and kidneys take up the process of filtration and all the harmful chemicals out of our bodies. Therefore, external detoxing agents are not required for the liver to perform the task it usually does with ease.

Myth #3: Foods with natural extracts restore liver health

To some extent, foods like milk, turmeric, and green tea have a reputation for being anti-inflammatory. This is true to an extent but there is no evidence that these food items can completely restore gut and liver health all by themselves. As mentioned in the previous point, the liver has a natural regeneration property and naturally heals the short-term effects of junk foods. However, if the consumption of junk foods and alcoholic beverages are continued for a prolonged period, the damage after one point becomes irreversible. This leads to the development of chronic liver ailments.

Myth #4: Detoxing agents have no side effects

If you are having a normal diet filled with green vegetables, fruits, nuts, and dairy, this is a perfect combination of a diet that is healthy and safe to consume. The liver acts accordingly and functions without any problems forever. However, If you believe that detoxing diets have no side effects, imagine having a changed diet that does not have a balanced nutrient content. Imagine having food without adequate fat, protein, and vitamin content that is needed to boost your overall metabolism. In this case, the overall effect on your body is adverse in comparison to a normal diet and can invite further health problems.

In the end, there is no better diet than having a normal balanced diet with regular green fruits and vegetables. Some claim the usage of “detoxing/ cleansing” juices and diets has no proven effects and does not contribute to anything substantial. As all the top doctors from the liver hospital in Chennai conclude with these facts.

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