Cod Liver Oil for Better Liver Health

We know that cod liver oil is packed full of nutrients. It’s one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), which means it contains high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D.

People often take it as a supplement because of its potential health benefits, like supporting heart health, treating rickets, boosting the immune system, helping with joint pain and even remaining a powerful weapon in fighting cancer.

But can it help improve liver health? Let’s find out about them in this blog.

Is cod liver oil worth the hype?

Cod liver oils extracted from the livers of cod fish are really worth the hype. Because it contains a generous amount of vitamin A and D and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Here, the fatty acids play a big role in preventing blood from clotting easily and may reduce pain and inflammation in the body.

How does cod liver oil help improve your liver health?

Despite its name, cod liver oil doesn’t directly improve liver health. Instead, it’s more known for its benefits for other parts of the body and they directly support your liver’s health.

Omega-3 fatty acids aid in liver health.

Since omega-3 fatty acids are loaded with ample benefits for the liver, they have now become a highly recommended nutrient to keep your liver functioning at its best and as a cure for liver issues. These fatty acids are associated with reducing inflammation and supporting overall health. This indirectly benefits liver health as well. Because chronic inflammation in your body is often a contributing factor in liver diseases like fatty liver disease and liver fibrosis,.

Omega-3 fatty acids are powerful antioxidants so they have the ability to neutralize any free radical buildup in the liver. These radicals can cause oxidative stress and significantly damage the cells and tissues of the body. Also, these fatty acids help improve the regeneration of the liver, both physically and functionally.

It supplies vitamin D and vitamin A.

Your body needs a certain amount of vitamin D because it’s helpful in regulating calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood, which is crucial for maintaining healthy bones.

Here, sun exposure is also crucial to getting the necessary vitamins, as your body can’t get all of its vitamins from the food you intake. Since cod liver oil is loaded with vitamin D, your body gets the needed level. So it can reduce the risk associated with vitamin D deficiencies and other conditions.

Vitamin A, found in cod liver oil, is essential for proper liver function. However, excessive intake of vitamin A can be harmful to the liver. So it’s important to be cautious about consuming too much cod liver oil or other sources of vitamin A.

While cod liver oil doesn’t directly target your liver health, it contains essential nutrients needed to keep your body healthy overall. When your body is healthy, it becomes easier for your liver to do its job well. Besides this, eating well, staying active, and not overdoing it on alcohol are still the best ways to take care of your liver.

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